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CAFÉ 53 Press release - Café 53 10th birthday celebrations


  • A very well done to the fab four Glover family (low res picture attached), natives of Tetbury, who excelled themselves by waltzing past all the clues set by Café 53 within 24 hours to win a Gold Sovereign. The race to the gold sovereign was ruthless with 52 clue cards being handed out within three hours on Boxing Day. Participants descended on Tetbury from as far afield as Cheltenham and Bristol, with a couple of international players from Japan, New Zealand and Italy too. One young local couple even ended their Christmas holiday a day early to take part in the treasure hunt!

Unfortunately many visitors failed at the first hurdle and came back to Café 53 looking a little crestfallen. Others made it to our penultimate clue but were unable to progress from there. Many of the clues centered around the PAUL family who were Victorian solicitors practicing in Tetbury. The family is connected to many substantial houses in the area including Highgrove, the country retreat of Prince Charles, as well as the Doctors Surgery at Romney House in Long Street, Tetbury. One of the Paul’s children who lived at The Close – now a boutique Tetbury hotel, played rugby for England in 1875.

Café 53 put on several treasure hunts for valuable gold and silver coins in December to celebrate its 10th birthday “We held six treasure hunts in all and everyone has resulted in a winner” – says David Nicholls the proprietor. “Some families went to colossal lengths to locate a coin such as the Hodge family (low res picture attached) who drew up a detailed map in chalk in order to discover where a coin might be lurking. They failed but have been offered a free coffee for their amazing efforts!”. You can find a treasure trove of information on all the hunts for gold and silver coins including the clues and answers on Café 53’s blog at or on Café 53’s Facebook page. 

“I have been asked if Café 53 can put on some more treasure hunts in the new year. We have no plans to do so as yet but who knows ….. for special occasions we may be tempted. Seriously though, if you wish to be notified of any future treasure hunt then it would be prudent to “LIKE” and “SHARE” Café 53’s Facebook page so you and your friends can automatically receive this information” says David Nicholls. “A big thank you from Café 53 for all those who took part, and especially the winners; Katie Selwood (Tetbury), Laura Horton (NZ), Katie Johnson (Australian), Adele Harvey and Family (Tetbury), Michael Wagner and The Glover family.

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